Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Fundraiser results

Hi all you Cross country race Lovers!
You guys are the best club members ever! thanks to our fundraiser we can now afford rent for a year without too much worry!  we had a few items not meet the reserves I set, but most of what i had out there  sold. I'll be putting last minutes items into auctions later next week, and see if we can't get rid of it all.

2 of the limited buggies i had auctions did not sell, so i gave them away last night, or will. Event wise we had 37 people attend the event, and a total of 77 entries for the drawing.  winners were, #67. wndlynn, #44. twistiez, #9. musicmom.

As for funds, we raised a total of 778,313, between sales and Tips, and some of you that sent ccr_Gina, or EmmaJean money.

I/ we now have enough Ts for a years rent to keep Bananaphone, possibly to submit and give away some special CCR items,  Like the new Boats JS made for us, or other new items that might be in the works. 'wink

Thank you again for all your donations, bids, and tips!

- EmmaJean/CCR_Gina

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