Friday, February 21, 2014

CCR this week

Since it is the night and time for the opening ceremonies for There Games I had not planned to do an event. I assumed everyone would want to support all the hard work the community has put into making this fun for all.  I have a paz on Eagle Island if you like to join me and I will have a Document at Bananaphone if you would like hang out and watch the Live stream of the opening ceremonies, from there; not to mention my poster collection of There games through the  years, will be out for viewing. 

I am planning to have an event the next week, on the Friday 28th,  A there Games CCR event.  No prizes , just points for your team.  sign up now!

Here is a copy of my rules...
Additional *special rules apply today

- you MUST finish before midnight est.
- you must have your profile set to public, because the scoring will done after the event OR see me so i can verify what color nametag you are Or register your nametag color.
- this race is designed for any vehicle.
- feel free to do it in groups and help each other out.
- scoring will done on a Bell curve where MOST teams will be awarded something. as long as you finish before midnight, so be sure to finish!
- the rest of the regular CCR rules apply, ie.: no teleporting

Plus if you are going to participate the committee has requested we all sign up /register your nametag color with them. this will help me score events later so if you are amiable to it, I 'll have the link at my event. I registered, but it is totally up to you. you can count by any of the three ways i mentioned.  Thank you.

My next regular race is scheduled for March 7th, sponsored by 'madMonkey & riot_girl.

see ya There!!

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