Friday, August 28, 2015

CCR weekly Race Aug 28th

Just in case anyone needs something to do, there will be race out in Bananaphone, However since the There Summer games Opening ceremony is at 9 pm eastern, and there games starts a few hours later, the race will not be hosted. And unfortunately i may have family obligations, so i may not be able to log in until later, however if that is the case, i'll have the race started earlier than usual. Have Fun with or Without me. 

Next week CCR will be a There Games event. 

  1. dave008 
  2. Francis_7 
  3. xxxjoshuaxxxx 
  4. Ksean 
  5. nickie08 
  6. xDolphy 
  7. Percepti0n 
  8. susanszy 
  9. Julian_Kingg 
  10. musicmom 
  11. essjay 
  12. guiness 
  13. Mary_Helen 
  14. Duskyrose 
  15. HeartOfGold 
  16. AsifChris 
  17. Orielle 
  18. Shivaki 
  19. Rabidbeast 
  20. lostinthewoods 
  21. mushh 
  22. jamt 
  23. Vexity 
  24. BaphNagi 

Winner #10 MusicMom 

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