Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CCR Snowfest of trees

Haha this week the naughty nutcrackers stole the christmas trees! Gather them up and deliver them at the finish line! Sponsored by CCR. 
* Please Note: These next two holiday events take place during a time which we all expect to busy in RL, therefore the events will not be hosted the entire time, instead EmmaJean and Susanszy will popping in and out checking on the event all night. It may also be out and available early.  The drawing may or may not be done at Midnight. Thank you for understanding.


Dancing Jesus (buggy)
XDolphy (ccr ornament)


  1. KorbenCongrejo  
  2. lostinthewoods  
  3. Orielle  
  4. BaphNagi  
  5. dancing_jesus  
  6. xDolphy  
  7. mushh  
  8. migman  
  9. xxxjoshuaxxxx  
  10. Mary_Helen  
  11. nickie08  
  12. rounder  
  13. Kayleigh  
  14. AsifChris  
  15. Vexity  
  16. Ecugirly  
  17. dave008  
  18. BlueAnn  
  19. PrincessPebbie  
  20. JRz  
  21. Mae_East  

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