Friday, February 19, 2016

WTG CCR Week 1

WTG CCR Week 1

 Rally for your Team colors, everyone that finishes earns a point for your team. NO prizes, just points. WTG TWG Fun

Extra rules
!. Check in with the Host before or after racing so you are sure we know what nametag color you are.

** in the event that the host (Emmajean/Gina/susanszy) or cohost is NOT here, IE power failure, sickness etc. Please have your profile set to public, or add me as a friend, so that i might check your profile to see what color you are.

2. Today's race can be any vehicle, you may change mid stream or whatever

3. you may go in groups, caravans, lead others of ANY colors to the checkpoints, have huge IMS, fly over top as a beacon, whatever it takes, EXCEPT teleport.

4. Everyone that finishes earns a point for their team, The TEAMS that earn the most points here will be recorded as First, second and third places on the score board. Scoring Is done on a bell curve, and may be adjusted at my discretion.

1. redneck97317 lt green
2. Jessica_6 red
3. Prudent purple
4. essjay red
5. PityParty purple
6. B_A_B_S red
7. fatjohn red
8. xxxjoshuaxxxx pink
9. Fantasy blue
10. HeartofGold blue
11. sky ?
12. Shy blue
13. Orielle olive
14. Captured purple
15. Ecugirly peach
16. racesmart olive
17. heatherkitty brown
18. guiness red
19. pHluid green
20. Cissy_59 red
21. cool_girl_sam peach
22. Zayden peach
23. Percepti0n peach
24. Ned_1 purple
25. Vexity tan
26. RobbyBoy teal
27. nickie08 peach
28. SonicWarriorXP pink
29. greyoak orange
30. ilko_s pink
31. Yarndoll grey
32. Alease grey
33. Jennyw9wkids orange
34. Master_78 olive
35. KatesHappy pink
36. Carpenter peach
37. RK_Falagar green
38. Basya pink
39. Leaf42 pink
40. BrunoAD red
41. Pete_ii lt blue
42. Aradrana purple
43. EmbraceMidnight grey
44. _Ayman peach
45. Dharma_Darla yellow
46. pose4me lt green
47. ziedane lt green
48. Laylita red
49. dancing_jesus peach
50. selfdestruct green
51. Nytophilia yellow
52. NellieRachel teal
53. Flattering red
54. xDolphy red
55. NikNak618 brown
56. Jasmin0x3 red
57. AsifChris lt green
58. jamt pink
59. EmmaJean pink
60. mimi06 olive
61. Shivette orange
62. mushh lt blue
63. noxy purple
64. BlueAnn blue
65. GaryBob pink
66. _Diligent purple
67. KSean lt green
68. Mary_Helen grey

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