Friday, May 27, 2022

CCR! Sponsored by DJ_Tam_Urradio


Tonight's sponsor has donated TWO great prizes! 

Sponsor: DJ_Tam_Urradio

Prize: VRX GREENIE BY DAVYROCKET OR COKE CLASSIC HOVERBOAT. This week's prizes will be given away with two random drawings held directly after the race is completed. All participants drawing by dice then an all participants in attendance at drawing /rnd. (ALL participants drawing will take place FIRST and that person can choose prize first if they are available, and the other prize will go to participant winner. If not, the 2nd winner at drawing will go ahead and choose the prize and the other prize will automatically go to the all participants winner. BOTH ARE GREAT PRIZES! 

ALL: Christone - Coke Classic Hoverboat
DRAWING: ByooTeeFull - DavyRocket buggy - FIRST EVER CCR!!!


1.       Dj_tam_urradio

2.       BaphNagi

3.       Mush

4.       IAAW

5.       B_A_B_S

6.       BlurredLines

7.       Max1369

8.       Truck

9.       AsifChris

10.   Ksean

11.   Lostinthewoods

12.   Essjay

13.   Xxxxometxxx

14.   LadyJ

15.   OzGate

16.   Vexity

17.   LadyMisty

18.   Guiness

19.   PameliaRose

20.   Bunnzie

21.   SamDark

22.   Dave008

23.   Rounder

24.   Jamt

25.   Christone

26.   ByooTeeFull

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