Friday, July 8, 2022

The Future of CCR

   I have some big news to share. I am pleased to announce that CCR has found new leadership with John and Babs.Through the last couple of months, in my absence, John and Babs have stepped up to continue to provide the There community with the long standing CCR weekly event. This time has also made it possible for us to try on the fit for hosting and leading CCR and it has been successful and so with all confidence, I have passed over the CCR group and CCR_Gina. They each have experience in hosting, the ability to create a sense of community and a passion for our world. I’d like for you to give a warm welcome to the new CCR co-leaders fatjohn (John) and B_A_B_S (Babs).

   As some of you are aware, I have shifted my focus to spending more time with family, and Friday nights are family game night for us in real life. This has decreased my There activity and availability to be in world. More recently, this has been compounded by medical issues that include mobility and my ability to access my computer. I am still very much intertwined with There and may someday be more active, but the solution with John and Babs is a semi permanent one. I have always appreciated your support and hope you will continue to support them and this group.

   There is always a possibility I'll return to hosting, but I can't see it at the moment. CCR is close to my heart always and I look forward to participating in many upcoming Cross Country Racing events. Zoom zoom.

Rhonda AKA EmmaJean

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