Thursday, February 23, 2023




WELCOME to TWG CCR! This event is 24 hours long. 

TL;DR – Sign Kilroy w/nametag color. Use vehicle to race through the quest. 

NO DICEROLL TONIGHT, just points for your nametag team IF you followed the rules.


1. Check in with the Kilroy before racing so you are sure we know what nametag color you are.

2. Today's race is ANY VEHICLE. You may change mid-stream or whatever.

3. You may go in groups, caravans, lead others of ANY colors to the checkpoints, have huge IMS, fly over top as a beacon, whatever it takes, EXCEPT teleport. The only teleport allowed is to the start.

4. You MUST drive/fly/ride as passenger to each checkpoint! 

5. No advancing the url, and of course no teleporting.

6. Race ends at MIDNIGHT ET.

7. Silent trials are welcome to do the race but will not be counted.

8. One avie per person.



The Roll Your Place method of scoring will be done.  Don't know how it's done?  It's simple!

A team member, or the host if a team member is not present, will roll a 6 die.

If 1 or 2 is rolled =1st place

if 3 or 4 is rolled = 2nd place

if 5 or 6 is rolled = 3rd place

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