Thursday, August 10, 2023

CCR: BEDROCK - The Ice Age Race


🛩️❄️ CCR: BEDROCK - ICE AGE Edition đŸĻ•❄️

Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Get ready to travel back in time to a frosty era with the CCR: BEDROCK - ICE AGE Edition! Embark on a Prehistoric Quest bringing together the thrill of a vehicle race and the charm of the Flintstones on a long journey through the ice and snow – just like in the olden days!


📅 Date: 8/11/2023

🕐 Time: ALL DAY LONG!!

🏞️ Location: Starting point – Bananaphone


🌨️ The Chillful Long Journey 🌨️

It's time to rev up your stone-age vehicles and journey through the icy landscapes, where the snow is deep, and the thrills are even deeper. Your prehistoric ride will be a long, wintery trek. But hold on to your animal-powered engines because modern problems have prehistoric solutions and during this quest you will find both.


🏆 Prehistoric Prizes 🏆

Cross that icy finish line as a triumphant finisher, and you'll earn your chance at the grand drawing! The choice is yours: take to the skies in the 2023 Stone Age Airplane by Francis_7 or conquer the rocky terrains in the exclusive 2023 CCR ZMW, never to be seen in auctions.


🎉 Midnight Mammoth Drawings 🎉

But wait, there's more in store! After the race, gather 'round for a midnight ET Friday night drawing extravaganza! Finishers will not only have the opportunity to snag one of the fun prizes but also a chance to win a bonus 5,000 Therebux. 


đŸĻ•đŸĻ• Mark your calendars, bedrock racers, and make history in the CCR: BEDROCK - ICE AGE Edition! For all the frosty details and to join the quest, check out our blog:


Grab a friend OR head out alone, but make sure you set aside some time. 🛩️❄️đŸĻ•





1.       Dave008

2.       Lostinthewoods

3.       Dj_tam_urradio

4.       IAAW

5.       Mush

6.       DanQue

7.       MR_GreenLight

8.       Sign

9.       Mary_Helen

10.   Musicmom

11.   SybisanBliss

12.   Susanszy

13.   Ksean

14.   AsifChris

15.   Vexity

16.   Paddo

17.   Mademoisellefifi

18.   Jessie_James1

19.   Jamt

20.   Nancyjo

21.   LadyMisty

22.   Ladybug12312

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