Thursday, September 7, 2023


The Cross Country Race: PowWow – take this journey as a contribution to the celebration and appreciation of the culture that is First Nations. Whether you're an early bird or a midnight owl, there is plenty of time to complete the race. As usual, the race will be out for about 24 hours until the midnight drawing, but this week there is an additional early bird drawing to be held at 7:30PM ET for those who finish by 7.

Now, let's talk prizes! This week, there are two prizes up for grabs – winner’s choice! First, there's the elusive 2023 CCR ZMW, a collector's item for sure. But that's not all – for the daring and the adventurous, the Bison Stampede Hoverboat awaits, animated and utterly awesome.

The adventure doesn't stop with that drawing. For those who prefer a midnight rendezvous, we've got you covered. Finish the race by midnight ET to qualify for the After Event Drawing located at PowWow Village. Again, you don't have to be present to win, but there's an extra bonus drawing for those who are there to share in the fun.

Here's the kicker – you can win ALL the prizes! Winning previously doesn't disqualify you from any of the drawings. It's entirely possible to go home with a treasure trove of rewards, from the Early Bird to the Midnight and even the Bonus drawing.

The race runs for approximately 24 hours, culminating at midnight ET on Friday night. To join this event, head over to Bananaphone and get ready to embrace the spirit of the First Nations.

See you at the starting line!

WINNERS: musicmom (vehicle), susanszy (vehicle), nancyjo (5k).



2.       DanQue

3.       SybianBliss

4.       Achenar

5.       jamt

6.       Dave008

7.       Train_Brumor

8.       SamDark

9.       Thekingluis

10.   MaryHelen

11.   Mushh

12.   AsifChris

13.   Musicmom

14.   Ksean

15.   Madeomisellefifi

16.   paddo


18.   Vexity

19.   LadyMisty

20.   Ladybug12312

21.   Jessie_James1

22.   Nancyjo

23.   Kasss

24.   Susanszy

25.   UrChristianBrat

26.   xxxcometxxx

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