Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 CCR Fundraiser

The 2014 CCR Fundraiser is getting a little closer. Most of the Items are available for bidding now. Activities include Races of course, Dunk tanks (dunk your favorite villain, including coolnet, carcus, Catrona and me of course), kissing booth (kiss your favorite hosts, including Susanszy, babs, fatjohn, and Kateshappy), A special Pay to play Bingo, where all your monies go to CCR, Not to mention a carnival of sorts set up at bananaphone to play around with.

CCR official Auctions

Friday, May 16th 
CCR Fundraiser Night 1

Saturday, May 17th
CCR Fundraiser - Race

4pm eastern CCR Fundraiser 2 - dunking booth
9 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser 3 - Bingo
11 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser - kissing booth

Sunday, May 18th
CCR Fundraiser - Race
4 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser - Final Hour

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