Thursday, February 28, 2013


There Winter Games - Cross Country Racers
Mar 1, 2013
From Banaphone
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Orginal description is.. Road rally for your Team colors, everyone that finishes earns a point for your team. NO prizes, just points. the more that finish the more you earn.

However where we are going, there are no stinking roads, so bring your best pair of running shoes, or bunny slippers and maybe a hover pack. Sign up today!


Wow so here  are some stats to go along with my event
71 attended, out of that 
63 attempted the race, out of that,
52 finished it, out of that, 
6 did not belong to their nametag color team, however my pics told me the story.  To score I stated I would grade on a curve, all finishers before Midnight eastern.

finishers were as follows

First place: Olive,  Pink

Second place: Peach, Mauve, Lt. Green, Yellow

Third Place: Red, Lt. Blue, Green, Blue, Teal

Friday, February 15, 2013

CCR Zombie Wombie Feb 15

CCR Zombie Wombie Fun
Can you drive like a zombie? or a Zooombie? Have a little fun trying! Finish the race by midnight and be entered to win you choice of paint (There Game's) colored coupe. Sponsored by madhattermemphis.

Vehicle recommended for this race is any custom car, but any vehicle will be allowed.
Race tonight, Feb. 15, 2013
starting at 8 pm eastern until midnight.
sign up here!


1. JRz
2. Antaios
3. Jeli
4. mushh
5. RK_Falagar
6. Bear_Cole
7. Riot_Girl_1
8. xxxjoshuaxxxx
9. lostinthewoods
10. McKensy
11. firebird42m1
12. shanghei
13. susanszy
14. Ksean
15. essjay
16. Francis_7
17. _Phantom
18. musicmom
19. jamt
20. Leaf42
21. ladybug12312
22. Jayette2
23. Vexity
24. mademoisellefifi
25. nickie08
26. wndlynn
27. dave008
28. Shivaki
29. TheFirstBlue

8. xxxjoshuaxxxx

Friday, February 1, 2013

CCR Winter Fun Feb. 01

Preview of winter there games, get a feel for how easy it will be to win points for your team while having fun. Finish the race just after midnight (12:15 am) and be in the drawing for a team colored hoverboat! Sponsored by Jayess1. 
Finishers were as follows

  1. mushh 
  2. TheFirstBlue 
  3. Shivaki 
  4. AsifChris 
  5. Jayess1 
  6. Namron 
  7. Yarndoll 
  8. Taelos 
  9. dave008 
  10. Ksean 
  11. susanszy 
  12. essjay 
  13. JRz 
  14. lostinthewoods 
  15. Riot_Girl_1 
  16. Antaios 
  17. shanghei 
  18. MrFuzz 
  19. RK_Falagar 
  20. jamt 
  21. ladybug12312 
  22. MuffinPuff 
  23. musicmom 
  24. Mach812 
  25. xxxjoshuaxxxx 
  26. Bear_Cole 
  27. queenaudrey 
  28. wesleyns 
  29. Vexity 
  30. _Phantom 
  31. Geoschroy 
  32. wndlynn 
  33. redneck97317
  34. Leaf42
  35. mademoisellefifi 

 And the winner is...