Monday, November 30, 2015

CCR Comet Caper!

Sponsored by CCR


  1. Kayleigh
  2. lostinthewoods
  3. Orielle
  4. PrincessPebbie
  5. JRz
  6. essjay
  7. mushh
  8. DanQue
  9. Ksean
  10. dancing_jesus
  11. BaphNagi
  12. thekingluis
  13. noxy
  14. GaryBob
  15. rounder
  16. BlueAnn
  17. dave008
  18. Catrona
  19. migman
  20. dollbaby07
  21. mademoisellefifi
  22. coolnet560
  23. KatesHappy
  24. RK_Falagar
  25. musicmom
  26. xxxjoshuaxxxx
  27. Vexity
  28. Mary_Helen
  29. nickie08
  30. Ned_1
  31. HeartofGold
  32. guiness
  33. pose4me
  34. Ecugirly

Saturday, November 21, 2015

CCR Turkey in the Straw!

Time to travel to find the turkeys who got away!  Sponsored by CCR.  See you then!

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23. dancing_jesus 


  1. Kayleigh  
  2. ilko_s  
  3. Percepti0n  
  4. DanQue  
  5. VanSteph  
  6. Francis_7  
  7. Orielle  
  8. lostinthewoods  
  9. KorbenCongrejo  
  10. mushh  
  11. GaryBob  
  12. noxy  
  13. Jeli  
  14. coolnet560  
  15. BaphNagi  
  16. Lunius  
  17. AsifChris  
  18. thekingluis  
  19. xDolphy  
  20. dave008  
  21. Sirmickael  
  22. BlueAnn  
  23. dancing_jesus  
  24. xxxjoshuaxxxx  
  25. rounder  
  26. migman  
  27. guiness  
  28. Ecugirly  
  29. EmmaJean  
  30. mademoisellefifi  
  31. HeartOfGold  
  32. Cissy_59  
  33. Vexity  
  34. musicmom  
  35. nickie08  
  36. Leaf42  
  37. Ned_1  
  38. Mary_Helen  
  39. OzzyChickee  

Friday, November 20, 2015

CCR Around the World

Ourstock meets International, intra-islands, Spinning round, round we go, where we stop, nobody knows... Sponsored by you.

* Be sure to read CP clue 4 for a chance to win a surprize, thanks to Migman. CCR_Gina Email address is

Good luck!

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Winner !!

  1. DanQue  
  2. Shivaki  
  3. mushh  
  4. Orielle  
  5. guiness  
  6. KorbenCongrejo  
  7. OzzyChickee  
  8. GaryBob  
  9. Noxy  
  10. bhrocky  
  11. dave008  
  12. migman  
  13. BaphNagi  
  14. Julian_Kingg  
  15. coolnet560  
  16. thekingluis  
  17. essjay  
  18. rounder  
  19. BlueAnn  
  20. Kayleigh  
  21. Mary_Helen  
  22. xxxjoshuaxxxx  
  23. lostinthewoods  
  24. ilko_s  
  25. Leaf42  
  26. Percepti0n  
  27. mademoisellefifi  
  28. Sirmickael  
  29. mystertech  
  30. ozzyoutbackgirl  
  31. xDolphy  
  32. LdyBlue  
  33. susanszy  
  34. Ned_1  
  35. nickie08  
  36. Francis_7  
  37. sidvicious2008  
  38. AsifChris  
  39. musicmom  
  40. pose4me  
  41. Ecugirly  
  42. dancing_jesus  
  43. Jeli  

Event was followed by  Drawing for the  GPSD Fundraser Race

Winner Susanszy!! 

Also followed by a Tour of ootay

So many did not remember where  the eye was so we drove baccios around. to most of the landmarks on ootay...   Those of you that posted the correct pic or emailed me it, got their choice of CCR Balloon or lunchbox! THanks to Migman for making them. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

CCR A grOOvy Race!!

Lets get out those groovy buggies dust them off and get going. Sponsored by ccr. Finish before Midnight eastern and you may win the new ZMW 2015 Ourstock buggy. Sponsored by CCR.


  1. Georgia_Jean  
  2. xxxjoshuaxxxx  
  3. B_A_B_S  
  4. fatjohn  
  5. Orielle  
  6. noxy  
  7. Sirmickael  
  8. Kayleigh  
  9. Percepti0n  
  10. BlueAnn  
  11. musicmom  
  12. GaryBob  
  13. BaphNagi  
  14. JonathanStevens  
  15. lostinthewoods  
  16. iFlop  
  17. coolnet560  
  18. KorbenCongrejo  
  19. dancing_jesus  
  20. Jeli  
  21. dave008  
  22. essjay  
  23. Ksean  
  24. mushh  
  25. Ecugirly  
  26. susanszy  
  27. xDolphy  
  28. nickie08  
  29. Markaina  
  30. Francis_7  
  31. bhrocky  
  32. Ned_1  
  33. rounder  
  34. AsifChris  
  35. mademoisellefifi  
  36. guiness  
  37. john_doe2  
  38. Mary_Helen  
  39. pose4me  


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2015 Fundraiser Events

This month Marked the 12th anniversary of the Cross Country Racers in There (or CCR), so it seemed fitting to move the fundraiser to November, when i had to postpone it earlier in the year.  We had donations of both Ts, and vehicles of all kinds from january on up to today. you can see those names and numbers below. Not to mention a special 2015 ccr buggy and a 2015 TUV to sell, thanks ZachC, and RK_Falagar.

Not many of the items in auctions were sold, so we have a myriad of vehicles to give away in the coming year, but the club members and the community were very generous. from January to now we collected over 900kTs. more than enough to pay for paz time and buy knickknacks to decorate said pazes, so you know where the clue is!  Not to mention more than enough Ts to buy the occasional prizes, and continue to have the race out each week.

As you may know already we had 3 days of fun and madness to give away our new 2015 vehicles. Everything from racing to Bingo, and more. Prizes were given out at random drawing at the end of the events.  The winners were as follows

Prize winners

  1. Ecugirly
  2. Noxy
  3. musicmom
  4. LdyBlue
  5. DJ 
  6. Babs
  7. ecugirly
  8. Lostinthewoods
  9. Percepti0n

We had some trouble with the GPSD that last night so a drawing will be held this Friday  from that list of names.

I could not have pulled off any of these fun events without the help of these people.  Big thanks to Susanszy, Fatjohn, Babs, & Heartofgold. And of course not without your help, community of and members of CCR.

Donations from 
And more, i am sure.

Details of $$  after Listing fees, paz fees for the events, purchasing of prizes, etc.

998,166 Ts  End as of Nov 10th, 2015.

collected/earned during fundraiser
787,963 Ts
240,203 T  before fundraiser

Starting Balance
50,528Ts as of nov 1, 2015

Thank you all so very much

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2015 CCR Fundraiser

Howdy Racing Folks!
 This November Marks our 12th year of having Cross Country Races! Thanks to a long conversation to our founder Carpenter. One late autumn night i was bitching, (sounds like me, right) to carpenter about how i hated racing in traditional racing Zones. I felt like i was going nowhere fast. I wanted to be out in the grass flipping my buggy along the way.... He replied I think i can fix that. And CCR was born!

To celebrate, we will continue our normal Auctions to end over the weekend, but in addition we are bringing you a myriad of Fun!  from the Pay to Play Bingo, Jump the Hole, a Fun Flotilla, and a collection of different races. something for everyone to enjoy! Starting Wednesday, Nov. 4th though Friday, Nov. 6th.

Thanks to ZachC and RK_Falagar, we have a special 2015 CCR Buggy and TUV.  Both will be listed in auctions, for a limited time, and only 25 of each will be sold. you won't want to miss it, so buy quickly. These will be in auctions only through the weekend. Or you could take a chance and hope to win one at any of the ccr events listed here.

Good Luck and thank you for your Love and support.


Donations given by
and many others

Help and support given