Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SuperHeroes vs Villans CCR ( May 3)

SuperHeroes vs Villans CCR
Friday, May 3, 8pm - Midnight eastern

Will you race for good or evil? pick a side, pick a vehicle, pick a race? fun for all!

Another Cross Country Race where you will have to READ the clues.  Once you pick a side and if you like, dress the part, you will port to the location of your race. There will be 2 races running, one for the Heroes, and one for the villians. Both races will have difficult spots for the clues. you may have to run, jump, fly, go into FunZones or buildings, and even avoid each other, because anything goes in this race. No exceessive greifing, please. but don't be surprised, if you have to climb a rock or two. so READ the clues to get Hints & tips on finding them. This time you will need more than a map to finish.

I do not have a sponsor for this race, so if anyone like to sponsor with a vehicle or  vehicles that a  hero or a villain might drive, or have, please contact me.

Sign up today!

Sponsors were Dave008 & RK_Falagar

Heroes CCR Finishers

1. mushh
2. Jayess1
3. Riot_Girl_1
4. jamt
5. Yarndoll
6. susanszy
7. Ksean
8. essjay
9. rounder
10. Namron
11. Issubah
12. twistiez
13. wndlynn
14. nickie08
15 Bear_Cole
16 _Phantom
17 . SnakeHawks
18. Shivaki
19. BlueAnn

1. mushh

Villains Finishers

1. Antaios
2. lostinthewoods
3. ilko_s
4. Leaf42
5. dave008
6. Francis_7
7. musicmom
8. twistiez

** winner**
3. ilko_s

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April CCR ~ It's my birthday! ~

I am hosting, sponsoring and celebrating my 55th Birthday by creating a race with checkpoints of meaningful places to me in There.com. In fact so meaningful if you are first to guess correctly one of the reasons CP 7 is special to me, you can win $$. and since it my race/birthday/fun i am asking you all ride, bikes or bacios or buggies, anything but a boat.  so join me Friday night  for a little fun!

April CCR
April 19, 8 pm - midnight eastern
 @bananaphone in There.com

Birthdays, Fun Days, Earth days, Spring showers days. Lets Race to celebrate them all! Prize drawing for all finishers. Sponsored by EmmaJean

April 19th
Super Bingo Dauber Bike by Neema

April 19 th prize
AndareVeloce - IXLR8 Pink

Finishers and winners


1. JRz
2. McKensy
3. Riot_Girl_1
4. Shivaki
5. Francis_7
6. twistiez
7. dave008
8. Jeli
9. mushh
10. _Phantom
11. _Squirrelett
12. essjay
13. Antaios
14. Leaf42
15. TheFirstBlue
16. Taelos
17. Ksean
18. RK_Falagar
19. shanghei
20. jane_austen
21. Jayette2
22. Yarndoll
23. jamt
24. Aveena
25. x_dragonslayer_x
26. lostinthewoods
27. xxxjoshuaxxxx
28. Vexity
29. musicmom
30. madhattermemphis
31. SonicWarriorXP
32. wndlynn
33. rounder
34. samsyn
35. nickie08

18. RK_Falagar
8. Jeli

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring into CCR

Spring CCR
Location: Bananaphone
Lets spring into action and kick up some dust while we race around the island. Drawing to be held after the event. 

Date: Apr 5, 113
Time: 8:00 pm - 12:00 am EST

Lets spring into step with tonight's race.. hints were...   to be prepared for a longer race and bring your bunny slippers, and a hot buggy ready to race... If anyone would like to sponsor tonight's race or any in the future, just let me know.

ZMW Green SuprahSkyline
ZMW Painted Desert by ZachC 

  1. Yarndoll 
  2. shanghei 
  3. TheFirstBlue 
  4. Onchu42 
  5. Francis_7 
  6. dave008 
  7. xxxjoshuaxxxx 
  8. Riot_Girl_1 
  9. Vexity 
  10. FireTamer 
  11. _Squirrelett 
  12. susanszy 
  13. ltbigdog 
  14. mademoisellefifi 
  15. mushh 
  16. JRz 
  17. Jayess1 
  18. Shivaki 
  19. twistiez 
  20. BluegrassTIGGS 
  21. wndlynn 
  22. jamt 
  23. Nemma_Ravenheart 
  24. musicmom 
  25. rounder 
  26. nickie08 
  27. Leaf42 

FireTamer & Jamt