Friday, February 21, 2014

CCR this week

Since it is the night and time for the opening ceremonies for There Games I had not planned to do an event. I assumed everyone would want to support all the hard work the community has put into making this fun for all.  I have a paz on Eagle Island if you like to join me and I will have a Document at Bananaphone if you would like hang out and watch the Live stream of the opening ceremonies, from there; not to mention my poster collection of There games through the  years, will be out for viewing. 

I am planning to have an event the next week, on the Friday 28th,  A there Games CCR event.  No prizes , just points for your team.  sign up now!

Here is a copy of my rules...
Additional *special rules apply today

- you MUST finish before midnight est.
- you must have your profile set to public, because the scoring will done after the event OR see me so i can verify what color nametag you are Or register your nametag color.
- this race is designed for any vehicle.
- feel free to do it in groups and help each other out.
- scoring will done on a Bell curve where MOST teams will be awarded something. as long as you finish before midnight, so be sure to finish!
- the rest of the regular CCR rules apply, ie.: no teleporting

Plus if you are going to participate the committee has requested we all sign up /register your nametag color with them. this will help me score events later so if you are amiable to it, I 'll have the link at my event. I registered, but it is totally up to you. you can count by any of the three ways i mentioned.  Thank you.

My next regular race is scheduled for March 7th, sponsored by 'madMonkey & riot_girl.

see ya There!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

CCR Lovin' hosted by EmmaJean

Friday, February 7th
8 pm - Midnight EST
Get your groove going by going on a race for the valentines theme. follow the hearts and flowers.. '''love '''heart In conjunction With Babs event "TWG NameTag COLOR CHANGE", the winner tonight will also be a finalist in her event*, to Change Her Nametag to yours or Change your own!! Sponsor tonight will be B.A.B.S. of course.
* you must attend her event to be part of the final.


  1. Ned_1 
  2. nickie08 
  3. madmonkey 
  4. Orielle 
  5. MrScrooge 
  6. xTrickAngelx 
  7. Judder 
  8. JRz 
  9. tttayttay2 
  10. ImageMaker 
  11. dave008 
  12. Vexity 
  13. migman 
  14. KorbenCongrejo 
  15. mushh 
  16. Riot_Girl_1 
  17. Jayess1 
  18. rounder 
  19. Jeli 
  20. _Squirrelett 
  21. redneck97317 
  22. _Phantom 
  23. xxxjoshuaxxxx 
  24. susanszy 
  25. Ksean 
  26. AsifChris 
  27. wndlynn 
  28. paddo 
  29. lostinthewoods 
  30. KatesHappy 
  31. Carpenter 
  32. ilko_s 
  33. pennilane 
  34. SonicWarriorXP 
  35. Leaf42 
  36. Markaina 
  37. musicmom 

 Winner from 1st drawing
#26 ASifChris
#3. madmonkey