Friday, May 10, 2013

CCR 2013 annual Fundraiser

Some of you are familiar with CCR or Cross Country Racers in We started the club in about October of 2003, when I mentioned to my friend Carpenter how much I hated racing in Funzones. I thought how silly going in circles was, when there was all this country side to race on.  He said he thought he could design a race over the land, and in a few weeks he had. We have had regular races with drawings since then. After the relaunch of There, I was quick to restart the club, and restart the regular events, because I know many of you missed them as much as I did. Even though i could not commit to a weekly race this time around, I am still having events every other Friday.  The first and third Friday of each month.  If there had not closed for that short time, we would be going on our 10th year, soon.

Cross Country Racers is one of the  oldest still running Clubs in, and I need you help! In order to keep the club at its present location, not only did i need donations of some awesome things, I need members to bid, and bid high! Below is a link to the auctions, take a few minutes out of your day to check out the sales.

CCR Auctions

Thank you all!

And a special Thank you to: carpenter, Francis_7, Jinxed_Karma, Zach_C, BABS, shanghi, jane_auston, maverickFred, lost in the woods, JRz, namron, Susanzy, wndlynn, RK_Falagar, Mimi06, Dave008, and anyone else I might have missed that sent me donations.

Articles on the club

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