Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 CCR Fundraiser

Cross Country Racers or CCR in There

CCR has been around since went public back in 2003. Hard to believe it is still a thriving, and growing club!  But then i think It has all of you backing it. I could never afford to pay rent on this beautiful zone, nor could I keep  hosting races, if it was not for the generosity of the members. I believe this will be our 7th fundraiser. I've tried to run them every year, the week before memorial day, thus catching some of you before school ends, or vacation start. I hope you will enjoy what i have in store for this year. 

A CCR Extravaganza!  3 days of fun! carnival style! The zone will set up with carnival booths, kissing booths, dunking booths, and race starting points, of course. You will have 3 days of events to sign up for, and participate in.. I am calling them pay to play! Pay to paintball the hosts into the water, or kiss in the kissing booth.  Plus i will have special guests that have offered to give their avy up for the cause.  Paintball your favorite villain or kiss everyone's sweetheart!  names will given out later.  so you can plan ahead to attend!

We will also be hosting a very special bingo event. where not only will be asked to pay at the door, but for a small fee you may buy an extra card. all proceeds will go to CCR.  

Now in addition to all this will be holding the usual auctions. I have collected a few things all ready, but not nearly enough. please consider donating your extra vehicles or T$s, or anything in your pockets or drawers that is actionable! it all will be sold!

I want to thank some the donors so far: Susanszy, Carpenter, Essjay, Kelayna, Deleight, dave08, SarahJack, B_A_B_S and several other members that given items to be donated or T-bucks (T$), not to mention the members like RK_Falagar, Jayess1, Babs and others that regularly supply weekly prizes! And a big Thank you to Susanszy for all her help and support for the club , the events and help organizing the fundraiser.

So keep the dates May 16th, 17th and 18th free and start signing up now for all the awesome events i have planned.

Friday, May 16th 
CCR Fundraiser Night 1

Saturday, May 17th
CCR Fundraiser - Race

4pm eastern CCR Fundraiser 2 - dunking booth
9 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser 3 - Bingo
11 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser - kissing booth

Sunday, May 18th
CCR Fundraiser - Race
4 pm eastern CCR Fundraiser - Final Hour

Thank you for your continued support and remember all donations must be received by May 9th so that they may be added to the auctions on time.


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